about Aedifica sud

The desire to join Haitian and Canadian forces into a new company located in Port-au-Prince takes it roots in the belief that professionals in the field should have access to tools and resources to initiate an outstanding, sustainable reconstruction.

In this state of mind, architects Gaylor Esper, Garry Lhérisson and Patrick Vieux co-founded, in partnership with Aedifica, the company located Impasse Lavaud in Port-au-Prince. AedificaSud is the result of nearly three years of collaboration between Mr. Esper and Atelier d'Architecture and Urbanism (AAU), especially for the design of two schools, in Garde-Farge and Barrière-Blanche, and for the design and supervision of the District Hospital in Gonaïves, a construction project of $ 15M which is under the direction of the UNOPS and funded by CIDA.

Field experience and intimate knowledge of the Haitian culture and society are thus complemented by the expertise of Aedifica, a leader in commercial and institutional architecture and enjoying expertise in sustainable development.

The new company not only acquires sufficient means to achieve its major projects, but it prioritizes training and knowledge transfer to Haitian stakeholders in order to increase their capacity for intervention.

our expertise

AedificaSud offers comprehensive services in the field of architecture, design and urban planning.

Services, which affect the development stages of a project, such as preliminary studies, engineering and supervision, are complemented by the expertise in the analysis of needs, feasibility studies, project management, cost estimation and sustainable development strategies.